Logo DesignerA degree or certificate from an accredited trade college is generally regarded as important for a graphic design position. A logo may possibly be tweaked or updated slightly over time but it must not need a complete overhaul as that would imply the company would have to commit lots of funds re-advertising its new identity, which can be a extremely costly approach, particularly for large organizations.

If you are satisfied with your logo and want data on branding, I would direct you to The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding This could not be the best book on branding ever written (perhaps it is?), but it includes important data that several small businesses (and even a lot of big organizations) completely neglect.

A lot of firms will hire in property logo designers to style their logos, but most will turn to neighborhood graphic design firms or marketing agencies to design and style their logos for them as that is exactly where most skilled logo designers perform.

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