Today, the world of communication appears to be unidirectional: the flow of information seems to proceed only towards the network. Until not so long ago, people were informed through newspapers instead of now where the web world asserts itself as the main repository of information of any class. It is in this perspective (some people, making a big mistake, seek even medical info for auto-diagnosis on the web!) that the web design has developed enormously. Web design is the graphical performance of a web site or its design in terms of visualization and aesthetics, in order to show an appealing style for those who surf on it. Web design, also, is an essential concept regarding the world of online comics and comic blog, deepening the whole graphic part concerning the development of a site and its dynamism, taking advantage of special programs for graphics rendering.

At this regard, it can be noted a very attractive comic site: “” where the graphic sinuous lines with decisive traits of the comic’s characters and the resolute use of colours, make, on the whole, a great comic website.

The “” parallel universe takes place in a context where World War II never ended and the fury of the Kragen, commander in chief of the army of the Fourth Reich, rages against the Allied Forces, represented by the United States of America, Russia and the United Kingdom. The people who live in this world have a peculiar green or orange skin and are in a constant state of tension and siege, forced to use very few technological tools, mostly outdated.

The story focuses on the actions taken by three Croatian pilots friends, who try in every way possible to stop the advance of Kragen; their actions are perfectly descripted thanks to the wise use of the colours and the wonderful cartoons, full of emotional tense.

Therefore it is very easy to imagine in the shoes of our brave heroes, agog to try to undestand the narrative evolution.

In a few words, “” is a very entertaining and emotional comic website, not only for the originality of the story but mostly for the choice of the stunning graphical web design.


The effects of the digital graphic on comics: the case study of IronClawed