Hashtags are widely used on social media, especially on twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, but it is not easy to monetize conversion by using hashtags. This is a bit of a shame taking into account that some hashtags become viral and may be used to gain traffic of millions of users. Yes it is hard to gain such big traffic, but consistent use of the following trick may get you on the surfing wave. The following guidelines is a step by step tutorial for dummies – it should take you 5 minutes only to do it – start your stopper clock – NOW:

Step 1: Install a free hashtags popularity tool (2 minutes)

You need Google Chrome for that, but it is a free tool. Get on the TagPredict Google Webstore page, and click “add to chrome” blue button in the right top side of the screen. Click “Add extension” in the popup window:


Step 2: Enter the site you want to post on (1 minute)

Now, go on the site you want to post your link / advert. Lets say it is Facebook for the sake of example, but it can be any other site – Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc. Once you are on the site, click the “TagPredict” icon in the top right corner of the browser window. After 10 seconds, a popup window with a table will be shown, like this one:


This table shows you the TOP POPULAR hashtags at this moment, and on the site you are on! So if you are on Twitter now, those top hashtags are what other people are looking at now! Note you need to be quick, since this data may change in a couple of hours.

Step 3: Post your link / post, when using the top 5 hashtags (2 minutes)

Write down your post with your link to your website, and finish it with a list of the top 5 popular hashtags that TagPredict gave you. See the example below:


Once you post it, the popular hashtags are embedded in your post. It should look like that (pay attention to our post at the top):


That’s it! You are done! just sit back and watch how people enter your link.

What is going on?

You just used TagPredict to get the top popular hashtags now… once you use them, it means that all the people that click the hashtags are viewing your post! Your post rating goes up, you get more users, more clicks, and therefore higher conversion. TagPredict and how social media is designed, are just doing the job for you

Any comments? Please suggest ideas below.


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