Banner Advertising Trends and Online Advertising Statistics for Marketers

We are most of the people, who are involved with online advertising. We can easily realize that online advertising format is changing day by day. So, it’s definitely the easiest way to see online advertising statistics that how it has changed and when it has changed. Sometimes why? In this article, we are sharing two important part of digital advertising statistics that can be most useful for your next researches.

Histroy of Banner Ads:

We believe that banner ads cannot dead and they won’t go away. Even though we talk about traditional banner advertising, social media ads, animated banner ads or any other kind of banner ad. In 2016, I could see the huge amount of banner ads. When you can see some popular brands such like Dropbox, Marketo, Netflix, those are using banner ads to promote their brand and connect with the online user. Then, it can be most encourage for you to receive this as a component of banner ad design marketing strategy. In this article we discuss about the banner advertising trend in 2017.

Banner Ad Designing Trend:

In this digital age, we know the internet is one of the noisiest places. Banner ads are so much overcrowded on this platform. That is not actually the fault of marketers that the distributors let every one of these areas to be packed with banner ads. For this reason, I definitely try to recommend the people responsible for designing the banner advertising. Even though it’s the small business marketer and the designer to make it simple as he can. Try to keep your message simple and the brand should be the stick. If it’s possible to use two or three colors, then do it. High quality and simple image can be most beneficial to use. We can talk about the movies like ‘Crown’ who is actually using their most simple typography and furthermore their principal character of the movie. Let’s talk about ‘Narcos’ movie, where you can see the Pablo character through the banner ad that makes you end a deal with him. All the simple elements are for branding in these movies. So, that is clear that today’s branding is not only for a shape or about typology or a logo. Smart branding might be for every component that is used as a part of space where the user can easily recognize the brand. So, now we can say smart branding is another trend in 2017 for banner ad designing field.

Banner Ads:

We know the banner ad is one of the most important parts of online advertising. When banner advertising initially came to the stage in the world of marketing, a lot of advertisers were left with a terrible taste in their mouth. The promotions we were being given with value and accordingly huge numbers of us rushed to consider them untrustworthy. However, we need to design quality ads more and more.

  1. The average click-through rate of banner ads across all formats and placements is 0.06{2f1686f3f3ad24835cd7f1ac153e9e02c74ff125a6a4fe98a195b83663369ab9}. (The
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Professional Network Solutions Made Simple

Network Solutions sounds like a very complicated and expensive aspect of achieving an Internet presence for your small business. Having a website would definitely help to grow your small business but is it really going to be worth the time and money you need to invest in it? The answer can be a resounding “yes” if you pick the correct service.

Paying less than $10.00 for an entire year of web hosting is a really great price by itself but when you learn about all of the other features you get for that same low price, it sounds almost unbelievable. Included in that price is a free domain name, daily malware scanning and ongoing backups to provide excellent security for your website and secure FTP for encrypted file transfer. If you need a few more features, for under $20.00 per year you can get all of the basic features plus unlimited disk space, unlimited email boxes, faster load times and upgraded malware features which will remove any malware that is detected.

All of this technical information takes you right back to wondering if you really need a website and if you really need to spend the time to try to understand all of the technical jargon. And that might be a valid point if it were not for the complimentary technical advisor that every customer has access to for help with setting up security, transferring files and all of the other processes. Unlike many other hosting options, Network Solutions provides a real person for you to speak to 24/7. No more trying to talk to a computer or emailing a help desk and waiting for a response.

Many parts of business and ecommerce can be confusing but webhosting has just gotten a lot simpler thanks to Network Solutions. The professional service, wide array of packages and service levels and abundant features make it a wise choice. The affordable prices make it the only quality choice at such a reasonable price point.… Read More

20 Best-selling WPML Compatible WordPress Themes for 2017

 Today, when one wants to get started with his/her own web project, the amount of ready-made solutions to choose from is impressive. No matter what CMS or eCommerce platform you opt for, there is definitely a pre-design template available somewhere on the web. The features that theme providers pack their products with are no less remarkable. It is possible to find a theme suited for literally any web project and business niche possible. In this roundup, we would like to bring your attention to the 20 best-selling WordPress templates compatible with WPML plugin.

Why WordPress? Over the years, it has proven itself as one of the most user-friendly content management systems ever launched. WordPress community has grown into a real giant, with so many plugins, extensions, and ready-made designs available. A simple WordPress site built without any special improvements will also become a great competitor to any other web resource in the niche. However, when boosted with pro extensions, one can consider it a killer virtual weapon that will leave competitors behind.

One of such premium extensions that have become so popular among WordPress users is WPML. This is a plugin allowing you to build functional multilingual sites that will provide you with the ease of targeting foreign customers. No matter what kind of data you need to translate, WPML plugin will come in handy. With its help, you can translate separate articles or pages. It will also translate specific design elements of your site or the entire web resource.

All templates that were included in this showcase are built in a special way, so that you can feel the ease of translating any code-embedded text of your website with a minimum effort. In addition to being WPML compatible, all templates come pre-loaded with extensive sets of features providing for a more enjoyable online browsing experience and seamless customization. All themes are designed and developed by TemplateMontser. All of them saw the light of the day in 2016, so you may be certain that they feature the trendiest elements ever released. Here are quick highlights of the features that can be found under the hood.

  • All templates from the showcase are fully responsive. Intended to adjust flawlessly to any screen size and resolution they are viewed on, the templates are intended to provide web users with a flawless browsing experience no matter if they have reached a site from a desktop or handheld device.
  • All themes run on Cherry Framework. Though the versions of the latter vary in different designs, there is one thing that remains unchanged – all of them are pre-loaded with smart Cherry plugins, sets of shortcodes, and other elements making it quicker and easier to modify any design.
  • WordPress Live Customizer is included in the pack of most of the below-listed templates. This is a functional dashboard that provides for a quicker customization of the theme’s layout. With its help, you can apply all necessary changes and see the results of your work in a
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