Packaging DesignConsidering that the passing of Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, in 2011, vintage Macintosh computers are ultimately seeing a resurgence in popularity. Embracing the spirit’s all-natural, additive-free of charge, little-batch sensibility – following it from the sourcing of its off-the-branch ingredients to the memorable experience of the final pour – each and every design element underpins the notion that it is the method that creates the regular, and that the two are inseparably intertwined.

Of course, it is like pulling teeth to get a graphic designer to admit such a issue could be true but I have worked with enough specialist marketers to know, that even if the design is stellar…the copy greater be even far more so!

We had been so inspired by the exercise that we designed two packaging variations: the very first includes the reduce out of a fig leaf that moves in a playful reference to the legendary role of concealment that the plant had in humanity’s originary past.

By sharing our understanding and experience I hope we can inspire you to adapt kit and save cash (perhaps even by adapting some of our ideas to meet your requirements) so that from the savings you make investment in new gear can then be targeted to where it is most needed e.g. by investing in a professional or semi-skilled camera.

Apart from the redeveloped teabags, the external packaging of the new Yellow Label Tea functions a minimal pictoral representation with clear and concise instructions on the back of the packaging to facilitate the new possibilities available to the tea drinking enthusiasts.

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